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Beauty Products For All Types of Women

You’ve probably seen your fair share of drug store makeup and beauty products in your search for that perfect product to add something special to your look. From lip gloss to the foundation, many different products from drug stores are available for a variety of different skin tones. However, did you know that some of these products actually contain ingredients that can be harmful? Not only can they be expensive, but many times the packaging is not listed on the product label. This article will give you a little insight into what to look for when buying beauty products like blush and lipsticks.

Drug stores do not offer makeup

Drug stores do not offer makeup in most of their retail locations. While you’ll always find inexpensive mascaras, moisturizers, and cleansers on your typical “Best Beauty Products” list, you won’t see many eye shadows, blushes, or powder in your local drug store. Most drug stores do carry makeup, but it is typically restricted to a few basic shades and colors, which many times do not match your skin tone.

Drugstores may not offer makeup in their brick and mortar stores either, but they do carry a wide selection of popular name brand cosmetics. You might be able to find discontinued or hard-to-find brands, but you’re still going to pay full price for most products. When buying beauty products in a store, you are able to try many products on and ask the sales associate questions about their packaging and ingredients. This allows you to make an informed decision before purchasing the makeup.

Major types of beauty products

There are two major types of beauty products: lipstick and foundation. Both of these are packaged in a similar fashion, with the lipstick being in a box, the foundation being in a similar case, and both labeled with the name of the manufacturer. The difference between the lipstick and the foundation is in the ingredients that are included in the formula. Each type of makeup has its own purpose and use, so I will outline those below.


It is primarily used as a lubricant for the lips, offering them a natural look, but it also can be used to create a shade that will stick to your teeth, providing a beautiful set of teeth whitening features. Lipsticks are typically offered in single shades, but there are a few varieties available in multiple shade sets, such as waterproof lipsticks, meaning that you don’t have to worry about wearing lipstick in the winter or other cold weather conditions. The majority of lipsticks have a matte finish, which works well with most skin tones, but does require some concentration to get the desired results. A shimmering effect can be achieved by using a liner pencil or an eye shadow along the upper lip.

Eye shadow

It is offered in two basic shades, opaque and shimmery, and both provide a gorgeous application to the brows and throughout the lid. An angle brush is helpful in working with the shadow to create the desired effect. An eye pencil is a great tool in creating shaded areas around the eye, and a variety of colors and textures are available to compliment any skin tone. The pencil is similar in function to lipstick, except it does not need to be reapplied throughout the day. Shader shades can also be found in highlighter shades to accentuate the brow bones.

Concealer line

The concealer line offers several popular shades, from neutral colors, to light pinks, to darker shades that can be used to completely cover one’s complexion. Mascara can be used in conjunction with the concealer, to create a natural look for the face. Highlighters can be applied to the brow bones and elsewhere on the face to highlight specific areas. Makeup kits include a lip liner, blush. And brush to help apply the makeup, which is sold at most beauty supply stores. Makeup can last for hours, so it is important to allow enough time for application and to touch up any mistakes when needed.

The current cosmetic product

By taking time to review the current cosmetic product offerings as well as searching for sales on popular brands online. A woman can quickly identify the right beauty products for her needs. Women can save money by shopping within their means. And can also find high-quality brands at discount prices when shopping around for bargains and special deals. With a little diligence, a woman can have all the cosmetics, eye shadows, blushes, and lipstick shades she wants, in the colors and shades that work best for her skin tone and personal preferences.

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