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How to differentiate permutation with combination, mean, significant figures and midpoint?


The permutations in mathematics is a way of choosing objects from a group of given objects. For instance, when you organise a collection of data in a certain order or sequence, this arranging or organizing of objects according to a specific order is termed as permutation. 

As an added bonus, if the object had previously been organised in a specific sequence, they may also be rearranged using the permutation formulas. Permutation may be applied in most of the branches of mathematics.

Thus in contrast to combinations in which there are various methods of selection that do not take into consideration the order of the selections. While, permutation, on the other hand, is the method of arranging things in terms of the order.


Simply stating when we are picking certain things from a given collection of objects in such a way that the order in which they are picked does not matter, this is referred to as a combination. 

There are a plethora of different sorts of combination possibilities, according to them somewhat it is stated that the repetitions are allowed while according to others the repetitions are not allowed. For instance, an assumption is that a single object will not be picked more than once because the system does not allow for repeat choices of the same object.

Objects’ positions are not a matter of concern in  combination and do not affect its identity as in permutation. In contrast to permutation, in which the vital point to consider is the arrangement of objects, in the combination It just matters to pick or add things, but not how you organise them in accordance with each other.

Moreover, in combination, the objects can be categorized in three distinct groups. The first group is formed as a result of combining two distinct elements. And when there’s a combination of two objects that are compounds it forms the second type of combination. However, the combination of an element and a compound comprises the last type of combination.

Calculation of permutation and combination is not a complex concept. But for time-saving one may use a permutation combination calculator to calculate permutation and combination online.

Significant Figures

The significant figures have great importance in a broad range of fields that includes mathematics, physics, chemistry and even statistics and finance. The sig figs are those digits that have importance or meaning and provide more accurate information about what a number actually represents i.e. the actual value of the digit.

Because they are constructed in the form of digits, sig figs are also referred to as significant digits sometimes. You can find out how many significant digits there are by counting all of the values starting with the first non-zero digit on the left and working your way in the same direction. 

As the sig figs indicate the accuracy of a number value thus has a vital role in all kinds of calculations and measurement. That’s why they are required for indicating the quantity of a length or volume or mass or measurement, among other factors involved in measurements and calculations.

Moreover, when calculating significant values, arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are employed.


It’s essential to remember that the arithmetic mean is the most often employed measure of central tendency in statistical analysis. As the most frequently used measure of central tendency the mean or arithmetic is simply the average calculated in everyday life.

As the mean is simply the average, thus the mean of a list of numbers may be calculated simply by first adding up all of the numbers, and then dividing the total sum of numbers by the number of values in the list. 

It is possible to determine the arithmetic mean using either a continuous or a discrete data collecting method. The mean therefore takes every kind of data into consideration. 


In terms of geometry, a midpoint is defined as the point that is located halfway between the beginning and ending points of a line segment. However, in simple words, we can say that the centre point of a line segment is referred to as the midpoint of the line segment. 

Being present at the centre of a line segment, the midpoint is the point on the line segment that splits it into two equal segments. Therefore, the midpoint of a line segment is determined using both of the line segment’s endpoints. 

The midpoint of a line segment is calculated while employing the midpoint formula. The midpoint formula is used to calculate the midpoint value with the coordinates of the midpoint based on the x and y coordinates that have been provided.

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